Our Climate Stewards have made the commitment to reach carbon offset goals, and are ready to receive additional value from their sustainability investment.   The Social Renewable Energy Credits generated by our Solar Host Sites within the Solar Stewards Program help our Climate Stewards reach these goals and showcase this commitment in their communities.


climate stewards

The Solar Stewards program brings added value to carbon reduction that a generic renewable energy credit cannot. By sourcing Social RECs from Solar Host Sites that are serving the community, the Solar Host Site can reduce energy expenditures by 10 to 25 percent.  In addition, the Solar Stewards program invests in an initiative of the Climate Stewards choosing, showcasing a commitment to sustainability and community.   Lastly, the Solar Stewards Program will make sure to document the process, capturing the story and sharing the impact.  No longer is carbon reduction investment solely a number in a report.  Rather, an investment in Social RECs is a targeted and bankable strategy to realizing carbon reduction and renewable energy goals.

1MWh = 

x  Social Impact


Our Community Partners multiply the impact

The Solar Stewards program reduces carbon in the present, while handing the tools to the Climate Stewards of the future.

x  Savings

Solar Host Sites see the savings

The Social RECs our Climate Stewards purchase help reduce energy bills on our Solar Host Sites for the next two decades.