Taking Action


Climate Stewards


Climate Stewards are organizations that have stepped up to the challenge of Climate Change by pledging to reduce their carbon emissions.  These cities, corporations, and higher education institutions seek creative strategies to demonstrate their commitment to reducing carbon emissions, while showcasing a parallel dedication to the communities in which they serve.  

With the Solar Stewards program, Climate Stewards can meet or exceed carbon reduction goals with a tangible investment in Social Renewable Energy Credits that deliver unparalleled value to the triple bottom line.   Climate Stewards choose the social causes that resonate the most with their mission.  Solar Stewards pairs these causes with both on-site solar deployment and community investment, making sure to tell the story along the way.

Community Impact


Community Stewardship

schools - non profits - housing - places of worship

Community Stewardship is an essential and significant element of the Solar Stewards Program.   Our community partners, ranging from school districts, to non-profits and NGOs, to places of worship, experience the benefits of the Social Renewable Energy Credits first hand.   When a Climate Steward chooses one of our community partners, we facilitate a visible investment in multiple ways including STEM Solar Lab curriculum, job training and support, and community resources like meals for those less fortunate.

The Solar Stewards program doesn’t stop there.  Selected Community Partners are also eligible to become Solar Host Sites.   In addition to community investment, the Solar Stewards program deploys money saving, carbon reducing solar energy on the Solar Host Site.

Solar Host Sites

rooftops - underutilized land - affordable housing - municipalities

Solar Stewards is a program dedicated to facilitating the development of distributed generation solar on-site where our communities can most benefit.   Becoming a Solar Host Site is an invaluable way to reduce energy and operating expenses, while showcasing a visible commitment to sustainability, all without any capital outlay to the Solar Host Site.

Solar Host Sites within the Solar Stewards program are eligible to have rooftop or ground-mounted solar deployed on-site, through the traditional third-party solar ownership model.   The Solar Stewards program provides the solar investment resources and maintenance, making sure our Solar Host Sites benefit from affordable solar energy without the burden of upfront cost.  

Solar Stewards makes it possible for entities such as non-profits and schools to go solar, where previous economics once made it prohibitive.  


Go Solar

Solar Investors

Solar Investors

third party distributed generation solar development

Solar Stewards makes it possible for profitable third party distributed generation solar investment in markets where traditional development has been stagnant.   Our unique partnership model provides an unparalleled opportunity for vetted sites, eager stakeholders, and solid returns.


Developing Opportunities

The Solar Stewards Program was created to facilitate the adoption of profitable third-party distributed generation solar energy.  Solar Concierge consults, and develops, and facilitates impact investment opportunities to serve this niche market.