Becoming a Solar Host Site within the Solar Stewards Program provides a plethora of economic, environmental and social benefits to the building, and its occupants.   With the Solar Stewards Program, our Solar Host Sites can recognize the money-saving benefits of solar energy without the upfront capital outlay.  To become eligible, our Solar Host Sites must meet several standard criteria.



Our Solar Host Sites undergo a qualification process to ensure value and viability for all stakeholders.   When selected, Solar Host Sites within the Solar Stewards program receive on-site solar energy on their rooftop that supplements their energy usage.    When the sun is shining, our Solar Host Sites generate solar energy, which is used to offset the cost of energy traditionally purchased from the utility and the electric grid.

This clean, renewable solar energy also produces the Social Renewable Energy Credits that our Climate Stewards use to fulfill carbon reduction goals.  The sale of the Social RECs makes it possible for our Solar Investors to purchase and own, and maintain the solar located on our Solar Host Sites.   Proceeds from the Social RECs also fund our Community Partners and their initiatives.  This virtuous cycle enables Solar Stewards to impact communities,  generate clean power, and enhance the bottom line. 

Become a Solar Host Site


To begin the process of becoming a Solar Host Site, please fill out the information below.

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More Information

Our Solar Host Sites use what is referred to as a third-party power purchase agreement.  This proven strategy has been embraced by universities, municipalities, and the private sector for over a decade. Check out these webinars and best practices for further information on how Solar Host Sites can benefit you.

Third-party financing, generally through a lease or power purchase agreement (PPA), enables institutions to host a solar system without up front capital costs.

Presented by: Second Nature and the U.S. EPA's Green Power Partnership

In an effort to reduce solar soft costs and assist local governments (and other public entities) seeking to install and finance a rooftop solar system, IREC developed a comprehensive toolkit on retail solar power purchase agreements (PPAs)